The 10 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies

The 10 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies

If you’ve ever had a home robbed, or destroyed you know how important home insurance. While we hope your dealings with your insurance company went smoothly there are those that are not so transparent with their customers. In today’s list, we’ll be looking at the top 10 homeowners insurance companies.

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies

1. Allstate

Allstate is one of the best insurance companies for new home buyers. Not only do they have a lot of different products that offer a ton of coverage they also have a website that is extremely full of downloadable information and resources. If you have any doubts about even the insurance industry as a whole you should check out the Allstate website.

2. State Farm

If you are looking for affordable and reliable homeowners insurance State Farm is the company you should go with. They provide some of the cheapest homeowners insurance with a variety of discounts to their customers.

3. Amica Insurance

A homeowners insurance company that is truly loved for its attention to its clients. If you are looking for the best-rated homeowners insurance company then you have to consider Amica as your provider. Amica continues to receive praise year on year for its excellent customer service record.

4. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

If you are looking for coverage for unusual problems that other companies may not consider covering your best bet would be to go with Nationwide. A company that covers almost everything and even encourages its customers to consider the extra endorsement. Like the ordinance insurance which will help rebuild your home as per new safety codes.


The United Services Automobile Association provides the best homeowners insurance to military personnel as well as veterans. The USAA works closely with military personnel to find out the difficulties they face and work actively to resolve those troubles. While the military personnel are helped they offer their excellent products to other citizens as well.

6. Metlife

Metlife provides homeowners with a coverage that covers the cost of replacing their personal belongings as well. This is one of the top reasons Metlife deserves a spot on the list of 10 best homeowners insurance companies. It means that even if your home and your personal belongings are destroyed in a fire, flood or earthquake, Metlife has your back.

7. Farmers Insurance

In case you are dealing with homeowners insurance for homes more than $200,000 consider Farmers Insurance for the discounts they provide. If you’re thinking about replacing your heating, electrical, roofing, or plumbing systems the discounts that Farmers provides could result in savings ranging to a couple thousand.

8. Travelers Insurance

If you’re on the path to a greener life living in a “green certified” home by the Leadership Energy and Environment Design (LEED) you should opt for the benefits offered by the Travelers Insurance company. You can save more than 5% annually when opting for a policy from Travelers.

9. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual provides its customers with a wide variety of coverage options. There are several personal property options to choose from as well. Liberty also provides pretty decent discounts to regular and loyal customers.

10. Erie Insurance Group

Another company that comes highly recommended by its customers. What the Eries Insurance Group lacks in its products it makes up for with its customer services. Always top of the lines customer satisfaction records and claims addressing.