10 Best Sites To Compare Car Insurance Quotes

10 Best Sites To Compare Car Insurance Quotes


In the ever-growing era of modern technology, where everyone is becoming fast paced and incorporating different modern technologies into their lives, cars have come to play a crucial role. With the increasing use of cars comes the even more necessary insurance coverage needed to ensure that the big investments in these cars is not wasted. Here are the top 10 sites to compare quotes for car insurance:

1. Insurify

Rated 4.8/5 on shopperapproved.com, it is a zero-cost website that compares car insurance and makes it a point to provide its users with reliable and valid quotes from the best insurance companies in the U.S. Some features of the site include a large number of carriers to select from as well as a simple appearance and outlook along with a successful drivers’ service regardless of the market segment they belong to. [1]

2. Insurance.com

This particular website allows the user to get competing quotes from a maximum of 15 auto insurance companies at a time. It provides the option to compare and receive quotes along with being connected with an agent if the user requires it. It is known to receive relatively good reviews from customers. [2] [3]

3. Netquote

This one focuses on your zip code and provides you with 5 quotes from licensed companies and agents around the area. Quotes are provided instantaneously and the website has been getting good reviews from customers and industry critics since 1989. It also provides you with a detailed questionnaire for the sake of determining discounts. [2] [3]

4. Progressive.com

This site provides quick and instant quotes online along with quotes from the best auto insurance companies for the sake of comparison. Their website is known to be designed well and simple to use. It is an easy place to shop because of the simple aspect of being able to draw comparisons with competitors. [3]

5. Money supermarket

This site compares quotes from 88 brokers and insurers and is known to provide optimum coverage. What it lacks in appearance it makes up in different comparison features such as allowance of opting out of a third-party contract and including customer reviews along with comparisons of up to five policies. [4]

6. NerdWallet

Although it is known to be a personal finance site, comparison tools are offered for cars and other types of insurance quotes for free. Rated 4.5/5 on shopperapproved.com, the site also provides adjustments in real time based upon your coverage preferences and driving history. [1] [2]

7. TheZebra

As an auto insurance comparison website that is free of charge, it is rated 4.7/5 on ShopperApproved. It is a bit different in the sense that this site provides the user with articles on selecting car insurance and a calculator that enables various calculations relating to car insurance along with the relevant tools for quoting, which can aid the user in ways other sites cannot. [1]

8. Esurance.com

Esurance.com provides re-assurance in the sense that they consistently follow up with you through messages. Esurance is a car insurance provider that allows the user to get quotes from competitors as well as buy the policies of the competitors from the website. It is simple to use and Esurance quotes along with rates will be received from the competitors as soon as they are provided with your information. [3]

9. Gocompare

This site provides a comparison of quotes from about 90 providers which is more than what sites generally provide. Although it does not allow re-quotes or have a price promise, it does give you the option to opt out of third party contacts. Furthermore, it allows the user to compare multiple policies at a time. [4]

10. Compare

This one provides real time quotes from various insurance providers. It offers more than just car insurance and provides the user with quotes for multiple types of insurance. It was rated 4.5/5 on eKomi. The quotes on the site let you select between different pay policies which can be very convenient. [1]