8 Best Sites To Compare Life Insurance Rates

8 Best Sites To Compare Life Insurance Rates


Do you do adequate research when buying life insurance policies for yourself? How do you get about deciding which insurance policy to buy? Most people find it easy to compare policies when they can see the coverage, price, rate, and other factors side by side. Which is why there are several excellent websites to compare life insurance policies before buying them. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

8 Best Websites To Compare Life Insurance Quotes

1. AccuQuote

AccuQoute is seen more as an educational resource for people looking for advice about life insurance. It covers almost all aspects of the life insurance as well as providing information on other forms of insurance. The site has also been approved by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and USA Today. The only point of contention with this site is that since you have to enter all your personal details before your visit to compare prices, you will inadvertently get calls from their representatives to try and sell products to you. [1]

2. IntelliQuote

With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, this site provides all the good on the various life insurance policies available. Their research is thorough and they provide the best comparison of different companies. The only downside (or upside, depending on how you look at it) is they allow only insurance companies which have an A- rating or higher. So if you’re looking for the most affordable option you are probably not going to find them here. Not that we’d ever recommended ever going with the cheapest options. [1]

3. NerdWallet Quotacy Review

NerdWallet isn’t particularly known for comparing life insurance policies. What it does well, is provide financial advice. It also provides you with an opportunity to compare various life insurance policies. All the easy questions are covered like, the best policy for you, lowest rates, how much coverage you need and more. [1]

4. PolicyGenius

This free service is excellent to compare life insurance policies or even the companies you are thinking of purchasing the policies from. The free service is also excellent for beginners as it provides even the most basic information in thoughtful detail.

5. QuickQuote

As long as you can keep up with their simple to follow instructions you can get the best side by side comparison of the life insurance policies that most meet your requirement. Perhaps the best bit about using this free service is that you don’t have to provide any of your contact information to receive any of the quotes.

6. SelectQoute

Like IntelliQuote SelectQuote does not promote insurance companies that have a rating lower than A- from some of the top rating agencies in the world. They’ve been in the life insurance comparison business for more than 35 years and are darn good at what they do. They see themselves as your trusted financial advisers and provide you with information as such.

7. Finder

Finder provides educational information on various insurance companies. It is not the most ideal site to compare various insurance policies as the list of insurance policies is quite small. What it focuses on, rather, is to help you find exactly the kind of policy that meets your requirement. There is no side by side comparison of policies that meet your need. [3]

8. CompareCover

From Life Insurance to health insurance, CompareCover handles comparisons of different types of insurance policies. It also helps you locate discount codes and coupons if you plan on purchasing your life insurance policy online. [2]

While it may not be easy finding the right insurance policy for you the sites above make the task a whole lot easier. We highly recommend you try out some of these comparison sites before you make an insurance purchase. See how the offer stands in comparison to what your agent has said.