Do You Need Dental Insurance?

Do You Need Dental Insurance?

Forget brushing twice a day, you’ve been having sweets and cola for several years now and just letting your teeth do their thing. Now after all these years you’re starting to feel a slight pain at the end of your set of teeth. You can feel cavities that you swear weren’t there a few months ago. With all that happening can you really afford to not get dental insurance?

Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

If you look at the numbers most dental plans provide coverage in a 100-80-50 manner. This means that of the 2 visits you have to make to the dentist, slight cleaning required, the preventive care you may have opted for will all be covered 100% by your dental plan. If you require a root canal or fillings to be made in those nasty cavities, it’ll cover 80% of the costs while the more severe procedures will only be covered to the limit of 50% as per most dental insurance plans.

While a typical dental insurance plan may cost a person close to $300 a year, a routine check-up to a dentist will cost about $100 a visit. On the more expensive front, a root canal procedure could cost upwards of $1000 to do.

Your Dental Network

Like health insurance, dental insurance works in a network. You only need to visit doctors in your dental network to be able to use your insurance. While some insurance companies will pay for your work even if you visit dentists outside of their network it will end up costing you a whole lot more than you bargained for.

Checking For Employer Dental

If you work at a high profile company chances are that your company covers your dental insurance on your behalf. If that the case you might not even need dental insurance of your own. Most employee dental policies are pretty straightforward and easy to use but also slightly bare-boned. If you are looking for more comprehensive dental insurance coverage it’s better to opt for a standalone policy for yourself and your family.

Individual Dental Plans Have Waiting Periods

If you think you could just sign up for a dental plan when you have the need, it isn’t so straightforward. Once you sign up you have to wait several weeks, maybe even months, before even minor procedures are covered by your policy. This is done to prevent people from signing up just in case of emergencies and then dropping the plan once the cost is covered. It’s not surprising to think that this has become necessary for most dental insurance companies.

One thing that’s very clear especially as you grow older is that taking care of your teeth can be quite expensive. You wish you’d listened to your dentist when you were older and stuck to brushing twice a day. It definitely makes sense to buy dental insurance if you don’t already have it. Especially since there are so many affordable options available in the market of late.