Is Life Insurance A Smart Investment?

Is Life Insurance A Smart Investment?

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Providing for your family even when you’re not around is a wise choice. Ensuring they can maintain the same kind of lifestyle after your demise is the smart thing to do. If ever there was a debate about why life insurance is a smart choice hopefully these points will clear them all out.

Life Insurance As A Smart Investment Choice

1. Income Replacement

You never know what might happen. A tragedy can befall at any time and in such a situation you don’t want your family to be without the financial support you provided them. Life Insurance doesn’t need to be complicated. You only need to make sure that in the event of an untimely tragedy to you or your family members you don’t have to worry about the financial burden you may be facing. Money cannot take away the pain you may face, but it makes dealing with all the formalities a lot easier. [1]

2. Loans

Some banks allow you to put up your insurance as collateral for your loan. You’re in desperate need of cash due to an emergency and you need funds immediately. You can count on your insurance policy to help buy you some cash before the situation escalates into something unmanageable. Using your insurance policy as collateral is one of the quickest ways of securing a limited short-term or long-term loan. [1]

3. Retirement Plans

Many long-term insurance policies ensure that you can retire in peace. With most Term Life Insurance plans, there is a substantial payment to the policyholder at the end of the policy if nothing happens to them. These funds can be used to secure yourself a well-earned retirement. While your savings are great for such a situation, your insurance income is the cherry on top. Spend life a little more lavishly. [2]

4. Major Future Expenses

Maybe you don’t have the best job that pays you the best salary. You’ve still invested in a life insurance policy and part of that goes away into your future plans. You’d like to send your kids to college, have lavish wedding for your only child, you know the amount you get when the insurance policy matures will more than cover it. [2]

5. Tax Savings

While this may actually be the least important reason to purchase an insurance policy it’s the one that young people most care about. If you’ve invested in a life insurance policy part of your premium payments are tax deductible. You save as well as keep earning, a double benefit for sure. [3]

6. Accelerated Benefit Program

Some policies have an accelerated benefit program. This means that if you have a serious life-threatening medical condition your policy can pay up to 100% of the policy claim before you pass. This is in an effort to ensure that your final days on the planet will be a little bit more comfortable and have some quality of life. [4]

7. Debt Repayment

When a loved ones die to leave behind a debt, it is up to the family members to repay the amount. This could leave your family in even more debt than they imagined. If you’re the breadwinner they’ll surely be in a lurch which is why investing in a life insurance policy is such a great idea. You protect your family from such unfortunate incidents from occurring while allowing them to maintain their standard of life. [2]