10 Reasons To Buy Rental Car Insurance

10 Reasons To Buy Rental Car Insurance

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Driving around in a car is the quickest way to get around while you’re on holiday. Especially if you have to travel long distances. While car rentals can be cheap, what happens when you meet with an accident and you don’t have rental car insurance? Here are the top reasons why you should always get rental car insurance.

10 Reasons To Buy Rental Car Insurance

1. Auto Insurance Won’t Cover Everything

While it may seem like your auto insurance will cover all the cost of your rental car, it is far from the truth. Barely any auto insurance companies cover the ‘loss of use’ costs, the costs the car company suffers every day because the car your crashed was being repaired.

2. Unexpected Rate Hike

If you combine your own auto insurance to cover the rental car and you happen to meet with an accident, your premiums will certainly only go up from there. Using your rental car insurance won’t have an effect on your regular auto insurance.

3. Different States Require Different Coverage

Your auto insurance will probably not be covering your travel in all the states. It may seem like an odd law, but it is in fact true.

4. Out Of Country

If you’re not in the country of origin check if your insurance coverage applies. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of damage only when the accident happens within the country’s boundary. Wherever you go buy your rental car insurance.

5. Not All Vehicles Types Are Covered

If you’re thinking you can make do with your own auto insurance with the rental car, read the fine print. The car you’re renting may or may not be covered.

6. Credit Score May Be Affected

If you use your own auto insurance and need to have your claim settled it will initially be charged to your credit card. This could take a few weeks to maybe a few months. This whole time it will show up on your credit card and slow payments may end up hurting your credit score.

7. Business Travel Isn’t Going To Be Covered

If you’re travelling on a holiday your auto insurance may cover the cost of the claim. However, if you’re travelling for business purposes check if your insurance is still going to cover it.

8. Personal Effects

You’re most likely to lose some of your personal belongings on a trip. Maybe your laptop gets stolen, your music player is lost. It’s much easier to opt for the personal effects coverage by the rental insurance than paying top deductibles from your personal insurance.

9. Limited Duration Coverage

If you’re going to be on holiday for a long time check to see if you’re still covered. Some companies drop coverage after 30 days while others might do it sooner as well.

10. Better To Be Safe

One of the most convincing reasons I can offer for getting rental car insurance is that it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. Even with top dollar auto insurance, you may never know what clause in your contract could deny you the payment. If you buy rental car insurance you know they’ve gotten everything covered.

If you still have doubts about buying rental car insurance speak to your insurance agent and ask him what your auto insurance covers. When you get a better picture you’ll be able to make a more informed decision. The best case scenario we always wish is that you never need any kind of insurance. Hope you have a happy trip.