10 Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance

10 Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance


It’s finally done. Your bags are packed, your tickets are booked and you’re just waiting for your holiday to begin. Only one question remains to be answered. Should You Get Travel Insurance? In one word. YES. Here are the top 10 reasons you should buy travel insurance and protect your long awaited holiday from accidentally turning into a disaster.

10 Reasons To Definitely Get Travel Insurance

1. Lost Baggage

Imagine you land at your destination only to find out that the airlines have misplaces your bags and luggage. Travel insurance covers the cost of delayed bags too. If you don’t have any personal items on your expect what you’re wearing you can buy your essentials and the insurance will even cover its costs.

2. Medical Emergency

You never know when tragedy may strike. If you’ve taken ill while on holiday the medical bills can start piling up you may not have a way to pay for that. Having travel insurance can help you stay calm during a medical emergency knowing they’ve got your back financially.

3. Evacuation

Politically and Environmentally our world is not really a safe place. You never know when a natural disaster might strike or there is some military unrest at your holiday destination. Getting evacuated could be dangerous and expensive. Getting travel insurance can help reduce the burden of evacuation a little bit.

4. Flight Cancellation

the flight you were supposed to be on was canceled and now you’re stuck back home when you could have been sunbathing by the beach. Worst of all, you’re out of the money you paid for your flight. That needn’t be the case when you buy travel insurance which will reimburse you for canceled flights.

5. Personal Liability Coverage

While on holiday you’re involved in an accident causing harm to another person your travel insurance will cover the liability to that person as per the limit in your plan.

6. Natural Disaster Protection

Your hotel has already been paid for and you can’t wait to get there, but even before your holiday has begun it’s ended as your holiday destination is swept in in a storm. Your pre-paid costs can be recovered from your travel insurance company.

7. Full Family Coverage

Travel insurance covers medical costs and other payments not only for you but your whole family as well. Children up to the age of 21 are covered under the same travel insurance policy you’ve purchased.

8. Accident Coverage

Renting a car is the fastest way of getting around your holiday destination. If you happen to meet with an accident you can always seek the help of your travel insurance company to help you with the repair payment for the rented auto.

9. Cancellation From Your End

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, you need to cancel your trip. There is no other way around it. Do you want to lose all the money you’ve already paid out? With travel insurance, you don’t have to. With trip cancellation coverage you can be reimbursed for your pocket expenses for the trip.

10. Lost Passport

If you lose your passport while on holiday (can happen to the best of us), you can rely on your travel insurance company to help to expedite the process of passport recover or replacement. You don’t need to be stuck in a limbo in another country without a passport.