31 Secrets About Travel Insurance Only Insiders Know

31 Secrets About Travel Insurance Only Insiders Know


Your travel insurance is the last piece of the holiday puzzle you need to solve before hitting the road on an awesome adventure. All the planning, coordination, and bookings could not have been easy. So to give you a little bit of a break we thought we’d let you in on some secrets of travel insurance that only industry insiders know.

1. Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

Most people don’t know this but your travel insurance has a look-back period of 90 days. Any diagnoses done, illnesses found within the look-back period won’t be part of your travel insurance coverage.

2. Change Your Coverage Any Time

As soon as you’ve finalized the details of the plan, lock in your travel insurance. Choose an arbitrary coverage, premium etc because as more and more details of the plan come to light you can adjust the travel insurance coverage. Increase or lower it.

3. Refund Policies

There is a ‘free look’ period in every travel policy within which you can cancel the travel insurance without any charge. A small administration fee will be charged is all.

4. Cheap Is Also Good

As long as you find the coverage you’re looking for the cost of the travel insurance isn’t important. As long as the company you are buying the insurance from is reputable. Don’t be scammed though.

5. Don’t Include Hotels

If your hotel has a refund policy there is no point in insuring your hotel costs in your travel insurance. You’ll just get the money back from the hotel, and nothing from the insurance company who you’re still paying for the service.