Health Insurance Cost in the United States Might Surprise You

Ranked - States From Highest To Lowest On Health Insurance Costs

Health Insurance can be a major expense in your life. If you’re living in some states it can be more expensive than others. Here we’ve ranked each state based on how expensive their health insurance rates are.

50. Hawaii

The best state in the US for health insurance is Hawaii. Premium payments are $411 and deductibles are not too high either.

49. Oklahoma

Oklahoma makes it to the second spot, it’s the second-best state in the country for health insurance despite having a premium payment requirement of $445 a month. Maybe it owes its position to the $1,863 a month deductible, which is tied second lowest.

48. Utah

Just below Idaho is Utah, in the rate of average monthly payments. In Utah spend only $423 a month to keep your insurance secure.

47. Idaho

Idaho’s average monthly premiums are the second lowest in all the country. $415 is all the consumers have to pay to keep their health insurance going in this state.

46. Alabama

When it comes to health insurance costs, Alabama truly is Sweet Home. Monthly premium rates can be as low as $439 a month.

45. Tennessee

Another top state for health insurance in the US due to its low average cost of premiums.

44. Pennsylvania

If you are looking for the lowest average deductible in any state look no further than Pennsylvania. They also have pretty low monthly premium averages of $490.

43. Oregon

Low deductible rates, as well as very low monthly premium rates, make Oregon a dream state for health insurance. Monthly payments on average are $465 for the health insurance premium.

42. Kansas

The 9th best state for health insurance in the United States is Kansas with an average monthly premium rate of $452.

41. Iowa

One of the best states for health insurance Iowa residents only pay $459 a month for their premiums.