The Cost of Car Insurance in the United States Might Surprise You

The Average Cost Of Insurance In Every State Ranked

While it may not be mandatory to buy car insurance in every state, it’s still a necessity you cannot avoid. Since car insurance mandate isn’t a federal law, states are allowed to pass their own rules regarding car insurance. This means that the car you drive and the state you live in are factors that decide how much you pay for car insurance. While the national average for car insurance is $1,318 how much does your state need you to pay? Let’s find out.

51. Ohio

At only $926 a year Ohio has the cheapest auto insurance rates of any states in the United States. Local laws are very relaxed and the rural population and scarcity of cars is a major contributing factor to the low costs.

50. Maine

Way below the national average is Maine. You only have to pay $964 for a year’s worth of car insurance on average in this state. Inexpensive cars with a lower national accident average are all responsible for the low insurance rates.

49. New Hampshire

At $983 New Hampshire has the third lowest auto insurance rates in the country. While rates used to be significantly higher, recent changes to the law have ensured that New Hampshire enjoys a low insurance rate.

48. Idaho

Finally crossing the $1,000 dollar mark is the state of Idaho. While the average payment may be $1,053, you can get insurance for a lot less depending on the city, your age, gender, relationship status and more.

47. Iowa

Slightly higher than Iowa an average of $1,058 a year isn’t too bad for the state considering a large number of cars on the road and the propensity of accidents in the state.

46. North Carolina

Jus losing out to Iowa for a spot in the top 5 cheapest states in the US for car insurance is North Carolina. Residents of these states have plenty of option and annual car insurance payments tend to be about $1,060.

45. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is almost at the $1,000 a year barrier and the prices will keep going down if they manage to stay major accident-free for a few months.

44. Virginia

If the residents keep driving like they do the state of Virginia will soon have insurance rates that go below a $1000 a year. Currently, they pay $1,114 a year.

43. Vermont

The maple syrup states insurance laws are as sweet as their maple syrup. Residents only have to pay $1,150 a year for car insurance.