The Cost of Car Insurance in the United States Might Surprise You

New York

42. New York

With a state full of cars, highly urban population, and a high number of accidents every year how does New York manage to keep it’s insurance costs so low? By using local laws and actually opting to purchase lower coverage. Residents can pay almost $1,173 a year for insurance.

41. Utah

Many citizens of Utah prefer living in the rural setting which helps in keeping in the cost of insurance low. Insurance payments for your car can cost you about $1,192 a year.

40. Indiana

Inching closer towards lower payments every year is the state of Indiana. All thanks to the excellent local laws in the state the consumers only have to pay $1,200 a year for car insurance.

39. Missouri

Are you as surprised with the low cost of insurance in Missouri as I am? They seemingly have excellent drivers which has helped keep the cost of insurance really low. Annual payment – $1,207.

38. Arizona

With such a rugged landscape you’d expect Arizona to pay through their teeth for car insurance. However, they pay more than a hundred dollars below the national average with annual payments as low as $1,222.

37. Nebraska

Like Kansas local legislation and the good driving has kept insurance rates low for locals. Consumers only have to pay $1,317 a year for auto insurance.

36. South Carolina

The happy state only has to pay $1,316 annually for car insurance.

35. Oregon

With the citizens of the state earning a sizeable disposable income the insurance rates of $1,333 for a year will seem pretty manageable.

34. Kansas

Another state to benefit from local laws, and a sparse population is Kansas. The residents annually pay about $1,358 for auto insurance.

33. Minnesota

Minnesota residents pay about $1,360 a year for car insurance.

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