Travel Insurance Coverage – 10 Things Your Policy Won’t Cover

Travel Insurance Coverage - 10 Things Your Policy Won't Cover

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The most prudent thing to do while going on a holiday is ensuring you have the right travel insurance. Now like most insurance policies the coverage of travel insurance is limited. Having a claim rejected is painful and disappointing. You can avoid these frustrations by knowing exactly what your travel does and does not cover. Know more about the travel insurance coverage and the 10 things it won’t cover.

10 Things Your Travel Insurance Won’t Cover

1. Cancellations

While cancellations are part of the travel insurance, they don’t cover every reason for cancellation. You travel insurance document will have all the reasons for cancellation mentioned in the document. Medical reasons, for instance, need to be properly recommended by a doctor.

2. Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition your travel insurance won’t cover the losses arising out of those conditions. A look-back period is established which can usually be 60, 90, or 180 days. If your condition was diagnosed before the look-back period, losses arising out of the condition won’t be covered by your travel insurance.

3. Dental

Dental procedures are not usually a part of travel insurance. Even if dental coverage is mentioned as part of some travel insurance policies the conditions are very vague. How do you explain ‘sound natural teeth’ to people?

4. Personal Property

Most travel insurance companies cover the loss of personal property. If there are insinuating circumstances of you losing possession of the property then there may be an investigation regarding your claim. If it is found that you were reckless with your personal property like leaving it unattended, or somewhere unsafe then your claim will definitely be denied.

5. High-Risk Activities

Unless specifically mentioned as a part of your travel insurance high-risk adventure sports are not covered as part of your plan. Loss arising to your person or property due to these high-risk activities won’t be covered.

6. Government Policies

If you travel to a country which is strictly off limits due to political reasons your insurance company won’t pay you a dime. Traveling to a country which is at high-risk war like Syria are typically on the list.

7. Natural Disasters

If your trip was cancelled due to a natural disaster the company will pay for your losses. However, if you travel to a location after a storm has been named you’re taking more risks than you actually need to and your travel insurance won’t be valid.

8. Flights Purchased With Frequent Flier Miles

Most travel insurance companies don’t reimburse you with cash for flights booked using your flier miles. Costs associated with your trip such as hotel booking or bookings for activities in your holiday destination may still be paid for, but not your flight.

9. Ignoring Standard Driving Rule

If you’ve rented a car during your trip, you are insured in case there is any damage to your vehicle during an accident. Unless the insurance company finds out that you were not obeying locals driving rules or just being involved in reckless driving.

10. Changing Your Mind

It happens with all of us, sometimes we just change our mind about a trip. Just be careful that if you suffer losses because you’ve changed your mind, you can’t expect the insurance company to reimburse you for your losses.