Top 10 Insurance Companies For 2020

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Thinking about insurance agents always reminds me of a Woody Allen quote

“I contemplated my own death as I shook hands with an insurance agent”.

Now they can’t all be that bad, can they? While some insurance companies are downright terrible there are some that actually help out their customers. Today we’re going to be looking at the best insurance companies in the world.

10 Best Insurance Companies In The World 2020

1. AXA

Headquartered in Paris the company has its origin as far back as 1817 when several insurance companies combined to form AXA. It has more than 150,000 employees worldwide and does a great job at providing insurance for casualty, life, as well as asset management. AXA has a global presence and has a revenue in excess of a $100 billion. [1]

2. Zurich Insurance Group

With operations in more than 170 countries, Zurich Insurance along with its subsidiaries is truly global. They mostly deal in general insurance, life insurance as well as providing insurance for farmers. They have revenues in excess of $60 billion. As you can imagine the headquarters of this company are based in Switzerland. [1]

3. Liberty Insurance Insurance

$38 billion is considered a paltry sum for an insurance company of this size but it makes it to the top 10 best insurance companies for its excellent customer service. Liberty Insurance Provides a wide range of insurances services which cover, automobile, life, theft, and fire. All this with no more than 50,000 employees globally. [3]

4. Berkshire Hathaway

The main company was founded in 1889 but came to prominence when Warren Buffet transformed its fortunes and made it the powerhouse it is today. While the insurance arm of the Berkshire Hathaway group might be quite young they still score fairly well on the products offered, prices, customer service, and more. [2]

5. Allstate Insurance Company

One of the largest personal and casualty insurance companies in America, Allstate serves more than 16 million people around the world. Founded in 1931, the company has gone on to prosper and has acquired almost $110 billion in assets. [3]

6. Prudential PLC

Founded in 1848 Prudential plc has gone on to acquire more than 24 million customers all over the world. It mostly does business in Asia, the U.K., and the United States. With assets managed in the range of $600 billion, it is also one of the largest insurance firms in the world. [1]

7. United Health Group

While the other companies strive to provide optimal customer care, United Health Group does so. Although it may only serve about 85,000 people globally it serves them well. It’s the most admired company in the managed care and insurance sector. It also brings in a decent annual revenue of about $100 billion. [2]

8. Munich RE Group

An insurance provider that covers everything. Munich RE Group was founded in 1880 and from humble beginnings in Europe has now started providing services in Asia as well. It’s the largest insurance provider in Germany and its insurance business is handled by its more popularly known subsidiary the ERGO group. [2]

9. Japan Post Holding Co. Ltd

Japan Post Insurance a state-owned conglomerate provides insurance to more than half the population in Japan. It uses its post office division to help the company reach more clients. It is the largest insurer in Japan and posted a profit of more than $3.45 billion in 2015. [1]

10. Allianz SE

This German company was founded in 1890 and is a provider of several top-notch financial services. It has customers in more than 70 countries and had revenues of more than $150 billion. Allianz provides insurance in health, life, casualty, and more to corporate as well as individuals.