10 Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

10 Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

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Buying and using car insurance can be quite tricky. With so many valid options available how do you make the best choice? Are you getting a good deal on your insurance or could you have done more to save on your insurance costs? If you’re in the market for auto insurance these 10 tips will definitely help you keep the costs down.

10 Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

1. Pick Multiple Options

What we mean by this is, when you’re looking for car insurance don’t be afraid of shopping around. While the multitude of choices can be a hindrance when it comes to picking the best car insurance, it is also a boon when it comes to savings. When you shop around for car insurance¬†you know which companies are providing you with the best deals and which are not. Get several quotes from different companies and pick the best option for yourself.

2. Good Credit History

If you’re able to manage your credit scores well you could be getting many more benefits that easier loans. A good credit history can also be a gateway to affordable auto insurance as well. Keep a check on your credit record on a regular basis and spend wisely. Auto Insurance companies also tend to lower costs for people with good credit scores because they tend to make fewer claims. Just a little insider secret you ought to know.

3. Choose Your Car Wisely

The automobile you decide to drive also plays a large role in the premiums you will pay. So if you have multiple cars you are considering buying with comparable features maybe what can decide it for you is how much premium you’ll have to pay for the car. There are even tools available online that can help you find out what cars have what premiums. The best way to know is to get in touch directly with your insurer or insurance agent.

4. Consider Your Coverage

Insurance agents do a great job at selling their products. They’ll include cover in your insurance policies you may not even need. Read your offer document carefully while buying your insurance policy and drop the coverage that seems over the top or unnecessary.

5. Adjusting Deductibles

If you can afford to do so why not set your deductible a decent amount. You won’t be gaining anything from setting your deductible as low as $100 or $250. If you can raise your deductible amount from $500 to more than $1000 you can easily save up to 9% annually.

6. Combined Policy

If you have multiple policies all with different companies maybe its time to consider bringing them all under one roof. While individually it may have been cheaper to buy them separately did you consider how much you would save if you combined the policies? Save auto insurance money by combining the insurance policies.

7. Discount Options

There are plenty of discounts on offer by the large insurance companies if you’re wise enough to avail of them. Did you know you can get a discount on a car insurance if you a part of the United States Chess Federation? There are several other similar smaller individual discounts that could total up to amount to a lot. Check with the auto insurance firm what discounts you’re eligible for and make use of them.

8. Compare Prices Regularly

Most auto-insurance is valid for a year unless specifically bought differently or provided by the car company. When your year is about to end start comparing prices. There are plenty of tools available online which can help you do that without you having to waste too much time.

9. Talk About Your Reduced Mileage

If you drive less than the national average you’d want to mention that to your insurance company. Anything less than 12,000 kilometres a year can give you additional discounts on your premium payments.

10. Drive Safely

The most obvious tip but one people tend to forget or not know about in its entirety. While avoiding accidents is great at keeping the cost of future premiums low, your good driving habits can help you out in more ways. Sign up for a driving monitoring service, which monitors the way you drive. If you do well your auto insurance costs automatically reduce.

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